About :

Ms Kho Sek Ning graduated with a Bachelor of Laws (Honours) degree from the University of Staffordshire in the United Kingdom and completed her Certificate in Legal Practice (CLP). Prior to joining the Firm, she was attached to Messrs. Soo Thien Ming & Nashrah and Messrs. Rhiza & Richard, practicing conveyancing since 2004.

She is experienced in handling developer sales, sub-sales and credit/financing facility documentation. She regularly advises the Firm’s clients on all matters pertaining to dealing of properties, financing transaction and assists clients from the negotiation stage to concluding their agreements and completion of the transaction.

Her style and approach make the clients feel comfortable and confident throughout the entire transaction process. Due to her commitment to maintain a high degree of professional standard and approach in conveyancing matters as well as her willingness to go that extra mile for the Firm’s clients, the Firm has always been held in the high regard among property agents and clients alike.